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FAQs | One Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do One Rewards products contain any other ingredients?
Each product contains only one wholesome ingredient.

Q: What safety measures are used to assure the products are safe?  
To assure the safety of every shipment of treats, we test every batch with an independent laboratory in Southern California. We also take the extra step of irradiating the products for safety before export. You can learn more about the safety and benefits of irradiation  here.

Q: How many treats should I feed my dog?
The proper amount for each treat can be found by clicking on the “Products” tab on the navigation bar, then select appropriate product, then click on the “View Nutritional Info/Feeding Guidelines” link to view the recommendation.

Q: How long will a bag of One Rewards treats stay fresh?
Each treat comes in a re-sealable bag to maintain freshness. One Rewards treats will remain a delicious treat for your dog for minimum of 18 months from the production date. For your reference we provide a “best if used by” date found on the rear of the bag at the bottom right.

Q: Are there any One Rewards products affected by a recall?
No, there are no recalls on any One Rewards product.

Q: Why are One Rewards treats made in China?
The primary benefit of producing the product in China is the low cost of premium grade chicken, duck and ocean whitefish used in the production of the treats. Additionally, our factory has production, quality and safety expertise that is among the highest anywhere in the world.

Q: Are One Rewards treats irradiated?
Yes. Learn more about the benefits of irradiation here.